Easter Events Choc-Full of Fun

9 April 2024

It was another successful year for Easter Egg Hunt events across Dennis Family estates with all welcoming an increase in attendance numbers from last year.

Modeina was the first to hold its annual event on Saturday, 23 March. Despite the damp and cloudy weather, over 1,400 residents and friends joined the festivities.

A crowd of 1,500 residents and friends packed into Peppercorn Hill Park and Playground at Peppercorn Hill the next day to celebrate, with intermittent clouds quickly giving way to sunshine.

A majority of the crowd stayed for the entirety of the event, providing traffic to the recently established Peppercino Café, and making good use of the new jumping pillow adjacent to the park.

Enthusiasm remained high at the Westbrook Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday despite the sweltering 28°C heat.

The event saw a crowd of over 3,100 residents, the largest of any estate. In anticipation of the day and in response to the popularity of last year, additional crowd management measures were successfully put in place to ensure the smooth movement of eager egg hunters.

The final event was held in Manor Lakes where 2,750 residents came together on a sunny Saturday, 30 March.

Ashbury‘s Easter Egg Hunt took place on Easter Sunday at the newly opened Ashbury Boulevard Reserve. The park proved perfect for accommodating the lively event and will be used for future events in the Ashbury community calendar.

Attendees were treated to an array of activities at each event, including an Easter Bunny Photo Zone, craft tables, and a face painting station.

Complimentary hot drinks and warm hot cross buns added to the festivities.

The entertainment lineup, featuring music and dancing, added to the festive atmosphere, keeping attendees engaged and entertained throughout the day.

Here’s to further record-breaking attendance numbers and happy memories made next year!

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